Kissing For The First Time – What To Expect

31 Jan

Kissing someone you’ve never been with can be kind of nerve wracking. Here’s what to think about when kissing for the first (but hopefully not last) time.

The first kiss can nerve racking for any relationship. If you have been out with a girl a couple of times, you might be wondering when you should go into for the kiss. Kissing has the ability to overshadow the entire relationship if it’s not done properly the first time. Most guys do not understand how important the first kiss for a woman. That first kiss will determine whether or not she wants to kiss you again so make sure that you’re doing it properly and in the right setting. If you’re completely clueless about when to go in for the first kiss, here a quick guide to get you through to the next round.
Pay Attention To Your Hygiene

Although this should be fairly common knowledge, some guys do not learn. A great trick for any dinner date is to have a pre-pasted toothbrush. These come with the toothpaste embedded on the bristles. It’s packaged in plastic and can fit in any suit jacket or pants pocket. Excuse yourself at the end of the dinner and go to the bathroom. Open the packaged toothbrush and brush your teeth. This will get all of the food out of your mouth. These toothbrushes are disposable so chuck it when you’re done. Even though you will have fresh breath, pop a mint or some gum. Having a rank mouth is not the best route to go for when kissing. More than likely, she’s be doing the same thing in the ladies room.
Make Sure You Have Privacy

Privacy is one of the biggest factors in the first kiss. Yes, we’ve all seen it in the movies: that big first kiss on the street after a great date. Life isn’t a movie. There are a few exceptions to the rule. The street is one of them. After the date, you can kiss her for the first time in the street, but make sure that it’s an intimate setting. If people are walking by you every five seconds and it’s noisy, kissing is not encouraged. Wait until you have her in a more intimate location before you go in for the kiss. Bars, clubs and other public places are not recommended.
Know When To Concede

There isn’t always going to be a full moon in the background. There isn’t always going to be the romance. Know when you shouldn’t go in for the kiss. The right moment is the right moment and you will know. If she wants to kiss you, she’s going to make it pretty apparent. If she doesn’t want to kiss you, she’s also going to make it pretty apparent. Trying to kiss her when she’s obviously not into could ruin the entire night or the budding relationship. Know when to concede and hope for the best on the next date.
Be Relaxed

One of the biggest turnoffs is being nervous or fidgety when you are kissing for the first time. Knowing what to do with your hands can make this a little easier. If she wants you to kiss her, put your hands on her hips and guide her body into you. If you are feeling a little daring, put your hands on her neck. Don’t choke her, but keep your hands a little firm. Brush her hair out of her face if you’re putting your hands on her neck. If you’re keeping your hands on her waist, bring them the small of her back as you’re kissing to pull her in closer.
Don’t Get Too Touchy

A lot of guys will use the first kiss as a way to get that first touch of the ass or breasts. Cease all inclinations of getting anything other than the kiss. Kissing is about kissing, nothing else. Keep your hands steady while you’re kissing. If she wants you to feel more, she’ll let you know.
Go Slow

Kissing is about passion. Passion is about taking your time. Taking your time means that you need to be slow. Don’t stab her with your face. Go slow and make sure that you’re not rushing anything. Move your lips slowly as you kiss her. If you’re rubbing her back while kissing, make sure that your hands are moving slowly. Go at half the pace that you would normally go. This can be intoxicating to a woman.

The first kiss can be a very memorable experience with the right girl. But if you don’t wait or respect her privacy, you could be ruining any possibility of a future. Following these guidelines will help at bat for the next date and any date after.


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