March Sex Toy Roundup

26 Apr

March Sex Toy Roundup

February was a superb month for solution releases which saw UK sex toy businesses Rocks-Off release a
of goods which consists of some for the 50 Shader’s of you. They released the Slap & Tickle Beginners S & M Kit which despite looking very pretty was also functional as you will read in the review.

Additionally the US Company, Jimmyjane sent over their latest adult toy, one which you wear and turns your fingers in to a vibrator. I was one of the first people over here in the UK to quite literally get my hands on one. Again you will be able to read the review via the link at the bottom of this update.

So the year appears to have got off to a great start in terms of new and exciting items coming to the market, let’s hope the momentum is sustained.

You may have noticed the sticky post above relating to the ETO Awards, it would be great if you are in the industry if you could nominate me for “Best Erotic Journalist” which has replaced “Best Online Resource” which Sex Toys Buzz has proudly won for the past 2 toys are a wonderful choice for people to enhance the relationship between them.

I’ll thank you in advance for your support and fingers crossed I’ll make nominations.Nowadays,sex shopping is become more popular .

Until then I’ll remind you not to forget If you haven’t already joined the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter you should, as well as getting the latest adult product news you can get your hands on FREE sex toys each month by signing up for the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter and being part of the monthly giveaway draw. There is nothing to pay and no competition to enter, simply sign up and keep your fingers crossed that you are one of the lucky winners. Go and sign up now. monster dildos is very good.


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