Wicked Wednesday – “No, you don’t!”

15 May

Wicked Wednesday – “No, you do not!”

Tied and helpless. I lay. Getting beaten and getting toyed with. As I wiggle around screaming in agony. My back, ass, and thighs on fire. Feeling as if I’m reaching my breaking point till you fall for the bed.

Reaching in between my thighs. Sliding your fingers inside my cunt. Firmly, your fingers press the frontal wall. Just as if you are scratching my G-spot.

My moaning could wake the dead. The pleasure I really feel is only enhanced once you grab me by my hair. Pulling my head back to whisper in my ear “cum in my hand, slut.”

Your fingers are moving in deeper. Your eager to produce me cum.

I can really feel I am close while you say “come on, slut. It is time to cum.”

Ahead of your words are completed; I gush all over your hand. I feel you slide your fingers out of my pussy cupping to capture a number of my juices.

You bring your hand to my face. And being to rub my juice all more than my face. Stuffing your fingers down my throat.

It is sweet and warm. I can tell your aroused by the look in your face and the sounds you start to make. Coming down to get a kiss, you lick my complete face, prior to kissing me.

The kiss is deep and complete of passion. It’s sloppy and slippery from my pussy juice.

You stand up telling me to open my legs and prop up my ass.

Back down onto the bed. You bury your face into my ass. Tonguing and rimming.

It is tickles and makes me squirm.

Your hands grab my hips as you say “No, you do not!”

Holding me nonetheless. You slide your fingers in my ass.

At first, it’s difficult to unwind, but when it is all the way inside. I’m flooded with pleasure.

You maintain your fingers inside me as you climb onto the bed. Bending down to spit on my asshole as your fingers spread your spit. Lubricating it as your fingers commence to move more quickly until you cease. Grabbing me by the hips. Pulling me toward you. Your hand is wrapped around your cock. Stroking it and smacking it on my ass to tease me.

I know what’s coming as you start off to slide your cock in my ass.

As soon as you get it inside and begin to thrust; my pussy begins to poof out air.

I can not enable, but giggle as you mumble “she’s talking to me.”

I hear something hit the bed as you say “here you go.”

I look up to discover a clit vibe.

I rather quickly grab it. Turning it on and putting it in place.

Your cock nonetheless in my ass.

My pussy flowing with juice. Operating all more than your cock and balls.

You reach your fingers down. Rubbing my pussy. Getting your hand covered in my juice before you attain up and stuff it inside my mouth.

Like a superb girl, I lick all your fingers clean.

I heard you grunt and moan as you start to thrust more quickly and harder.

My moaning allows you to understand that I will soon cum. Your pace shows that you’re about to cum.

Quicker. Harder. Both of us moaning.

I let out a yell as my pussy starts to squirt. Spraying cum all more than the location. Not when. Not twice. But 3 occasions.

You grab my hips and thrust in deep. I can really feel your cum pumping inside me.

You speedily pull out of me. Grabbing my hair. Pulling me back. Then you shove my face in my mess on the bed.vibrators at no cost shipping might the most favorite sex toys for ladies. Lady will appreciate limitless climax using the numerous vibration.

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